How To Break A U Lock: 6 Helpful Method

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This article is not about how to use a u lock, rather how to break one. Mistakes, accidents, and catastrophes are things we don’t want to happen but can’t avoid if they do. Here you’ll come to know how to get au lock off a bike or how to break a u lock without a key. Losing your key for the U-lock, call it whatever one of these three things you want to call it, causes a lot of difficulties. Because we know that U rings are designed to be non-breakable. Even though U-locks are supposed to be impenetrable, there are a few methods of how to open a bike lock without a key if you’ve misplaced your key. This is great news if your lock is linked to your bike or another item that needs to be opened. The simplest technique of how to cut a u lock is to jimmy the lock using a basic ballpoint pen. Other methods of how to break a u lock involve the application of force and will actually shatter the structure of the lock, rendering it inoperable. As a result, it’s usually preferable to attempt to jimmy the lock before breaking the U-lock. Keep reading to know how to break a bike lock.

how to break a u lock

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Break a Ulock

Air Spray:

If you want to learn how to pick a u lock, you must first take several measures. There can be times when your U-lock will get jammed and will not operate to open. One thing you must do to get rid of this sort of snag is to break the U-lock. You should go to your local shop to purchase a good cleaning air spray for this. Furthermore, U-locks are difficult to unlock if you attempt to hammer or use force to open them. There will be reduced possibilities of it breaking out if you smash the U-lock without any cleansed air spray. Make certain that you have chosen a clean air spray that is compressed or canned and ready to use. Check the ingredients to see whether the chosen air sprays include the chemical difluoroethane and can chill down to -13 degrees. If you’ve successfully obtained an air spray, go to the following step right away to know how to open au lock.

Set The U-Lock In The Appropriate Position:

After buying the air spray, you must properly position the U-lock. When you’re hammering, you don’t want the U-lock to be connected with a key or anything else that will make the work easier. It will be more difficult to obtain precise pounding without harming the surface if your U-lock is hooked to your bike, house door handles, or other items. In other words, it would break some of your materials as well. You don’t want that while pounding on the U-lock; therefore attempt to position it such that the lock can be broken without hurting the bike or anything else. After removing the keys, make sure the U-bar locks are level on the road. To prevent damage, you may also position it next to a sturdy surface. Please proceed to the following step to know how to cut a bike u lock when you have put it in a safe location.

Place The Air Spray In The Keyhole:

The next step is to utilize the spray at the keyhole of the U-lock to weaken or wane the material quickly. If you follow this process, you’ll see that the spray finally aids in the weakening of the U-lock with no snag. Spray the canned air you got from the store at the U-lock keyhole attachment place. Make careful you apply the canned air spray to the keyhole of the U-lock while standing approximately a foot away. This step is a must if you want to know how to break a bike chain lock. So, after spraying one foot away, hold the trigger of the bottled air spray and proceed to the next step.

Spray For 25- 30 Seconds:

In this phase, you should continually hold the canned air spray for up to 30 seconds without interrupting. When applying the spray repeatedly, be sure to glance at the bars at the same time since it will ultimately turn white due to chemical reactions. If the bars have become white after 30 seconds, it means you’re ready to pound it. Make sure you’ve pointed the spray towards the keyhole mentioned in the previous step and that you’re focused on the bar while spraying. Then go to the next step to further know how to break a u lock.

Begin Striking Only At Keyhole:

Then you’ll want to get a hammer and begin pounding at the U-lock keyhole. The white surface of the U-lock keyhole, you see, is simpler to smash with a hammer to break out effectively. When you see a white cast in the bar of your U-lock keyhole, it’s time to start hammering. Make sure your left hand is on the U-lock by its loop against a sturdy surface or in the ground, and your right hand is ready to pound. While hammering, keep your fingers at a safe distance from the area where you’re pounding. Also, refrain from hammering while your U-lock slide or moves. Keep reading to know how to unlock a bell bike lock.

Keep Pounding Till The U-Lock Pops Open:  

And the last thing you want to do is keep pounding until you see the result with your own eyes. It shouldn’t take more than 20-30 seconds to unlock the U-lock. Thus this is how to unlock bike lock without key. See, breaking u lock is not that tough either.


That’s all there is to know about how to break a u lock. Before we wrap up this subject, there are a few things we want you to be aware of. Remember to jimmy the lock before attempting to break it. A hacksaw may sometimes be used to break less resistant U-locks. However, if the lock is high quality, this method may not work. Pay close attention and use utmost caution while doing this activity. Now you know how to bust a lock.

Knowing how to break a u lock with a hammer is one thing which is a great way how to break a lock off, but you should not be inflicting any extra harm to the object. Also, before attempting this breaking procedure, do sufficient study to ensure that you are fully informed of the situation.

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