How To Fit A Bike Helmet For A Child: A Proper Guideline 2022

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Understanding how to fit a bike helmet for a child is not negotiable in terms of your kid’s safety to obtain a good fit. A helmet won’t live up to its objective if it isn’t properly fitted! Helmets for kids mustn’t flop about on a kid’s head; but should rather remain securely in place, even while the youngster is moving! While riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter, a kid should always wear a properly fitting helmet. A helmet that isn’t the correct size won’t remain in position and won’t save your kid’s head adequately if they crash! The various sizes of children’s helmets have a variety of names. Toddler, child, adolescent, XS, S, M… The sizes of helmets may be referred to in a variety of ways, depending on the manufacturer! There’s just one factor you ought to pay attention to your kid’s head circumference! Every helmet will have a head circumference range, regardless of size. The helmet should fit your child’s head if it falls within that range!

Is Finding the Right Helmet Size Really Tedious?

Though it’s really nice to watch kids wearing helmets, your child isn’t getting the coverage they need if the helmet doesn’t fit properly. So, knowing how to fit a bike helmet for a child is a compulsory prerequisite. A flopping helmet–either too large or too tiny, slides all over, or sways back too far–isn’t any safer than not wearing one anyway. The good thing is that a correctly fitting bike helmet is not difficult to find. That cap will be as secure as possible with a few suggestions and a little bit of time. It may seem apparent, but a lot of youngsters wearing helmets that are nowhere near the correct size. There is no way to make a helmet fit if it is much too large (or tiny) for the child. To size, your kid for a helmet, take the head circumference. You may accomplish this using a fabric measuring tape (the simplest method) or by measuring a string against a scaled ruler.

Measure your kid’s brows, slightly above the eyebrow. Make careful you take your measures in cm or mm (or convert from inches to metric after the fact). You may then verify this measurement to the size chart provided by the helmet manufacturer and choose a suitable helmet for your kid (or verify that their current helmet fits).

how to fit a bike helmet for a child

If you are unable to personally measure the kid for whatever reason (for example, if you are a grandmother purchasing the helmet as a present), you could use the chart below as a basic guideline to pick the correct bike helmet sizes by age.


Circumference of Head (cm)

12 Months


2 Years


3-5 Years


6-10  Years


11+ Years


Helmets Worth Your Money

Obviously, you’ll like to have a helmet that’s elevated and safe, with enough coverage and cutting-edge protective technologies, given that you know how to fit a bike helmet for a child. The best part is that it is difficult to go wrong in terms of safety: Since 1999, all helmets sold in the United States have been held legally to the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard, implying they will offer comparable levels of shock absorbent. However, some kids’ bike helmets do a better job of protecting the back and part of the head or incorporate advanced features such as MIPS (we demystify those benefits below). Here you’ll know how to fit a bike helmet for a child, as well as a list of our picks.

As we know that children and infants may be very picky, particularly regarding helmets! But being in the habit of constantly placing a helmet on your newborn or toddler may save your toddler’s life. So here are some of the top picks off the best toddlers’ bike helmets that money can buy right now.

Smallest of Heads (44, 45, 46 cm)


Why We Love It


Giro Scamp XS (MIPS)

Overall, the best pick

Schwinn Infant

Best fit for tiny heads

Lazer Lil' Gekko (MIPS)

Great fitting

Average Heads (47+ cm)


Why We Love It


Joovy Noodle

Best value for money

Giro Tremor Child (MIPS)


Larger Heads (48, 49+ cm)


Why We Love It


Giro Scamp Small (MIPS)

Best from all POV

Nutcase Baby/Little Nutty

Skater Style & comes with MIPS

Kali Chakra Child

Guarantee For Crash Replacement

Thousand Jr.

Retro Style & Dual Certified

Keeping Your Toddlers’ Heads Safe Is Not Impossible

Toddlers’ knee and elbow protectors may be lifesavers whether your child is riding a neighborhood bike, a mountain bike, a skateboard, or a scooter. They may offer your shy kid the courage to keep trying or your adventurous youngster the assurance to continue pushing themselves beyond their comfort bubble, in addition to minimizing damage. But all these are again dependent on whether or not you know how to fit a bike helmet for a child.

Premium Gears For Your Precious Toddlers

What of the everyday cyclists in the neighborhood – do they require knee protection as well? Knee and elbow protectors offer youngsters a feeling of security that enables them to explore and be adventurous beyond their usual tendencies, as we’ve seen over and over again. Likewise, toddlers’ helmets and pads may assist avoid even minor injuries! While the market is saturated with helmets and safety gears for kids, it’s always a pain in the neck to find out the best option for our kids. In such cases, giants like Nutcase and Schwinn are nailing it with their sturdy and solid products. Some of the best Nutcase toddler helmets are:

  • Vibe w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Wild Child w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Ride The Plank w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Surfs Up w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Candy Coat (Little Nutty)
  • Supa Dupa Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Doh Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Robo Boy Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Dig Me Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Stars are Born Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Sup Dog Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Tongues Out Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
  • Vikki King Gloss w/MIPS (Little Nutty)
best toddlers bike helmets

All of the aforementioned helmets cost somewhere between 50$ to 70$, which is a pretty good deal considering how durable these things are. Schwinn has its offering in this segment with more aggressive price brackets. Some of the best Schwinn toddler helmets are as follows:

  • Dash Child’s Bicycle Helmet
  • Kid’s Dash Bike Helmet
  • Flash Youth Helmet
  • Kids Insight ERT Helmet
  • Yahara Kids ERT Helmet
  • Kids Halcyon ERT Helmet
  • Kids Bunker ERT Helmet
  • Kids Sequel ERT Helmet

All of these Schwinn helmets except the Kids Insight ERT Helmet (99$), are priced within 20$ to 50$, which is a real jaw-dropper. Considering these are manufactured by Schwinn.

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To get a proper fit, knowing how to fit a bike helmet for a child is not debatable in terms of your kid’s safety. A helmet won’t live up to its goal if it isn’t correctly fitted! Helmets for kids mustn’t flop around on a kid’s head; they should rather stay firmly in place, even when the child is moving! While riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter, a child should always wear a properly fitted helmet. A helmet that isn’t the right size won’t stay in place and won’t safeguard your kid’s head sufficiently if they crash! Hence, there’s no scope of dwelling in denial and not admitting how important it is to put on a helmet and safety pads on your kids, whether they’re cycling or skating. Knowing the proper fit for them is a second to no precaution step you could ever take.

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