9 Best Tailgate Bike Pad in 2024

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When you’re pounding out many laps on the local trails, tailgate pads are especially helpful for individuals who shuttle with their bikes, since it’s fast and simple to sling several bikes over the tailgate of a truck and this is a clear indication that you must look forward to buying the best tailgate bike pad.

Tailgate Pads? What and Why Are Those For?

A bike rack tailgate placed on the top of a car, through straps to the trunk/tailgate of a vehicle, or via a trailer hitch has traditionally been the primary means of transporting a mountain bike.

Roof racks and Velcro trunk racks are mainly for car or SUV owners, with the hitch rack being the sole viable alternative for pickup truck owners. Many truckers have chosen other ways of carrying their motorcycles, such as just putting them in the truck bed, tying them down by the handlebars in a moto-style, or even installing special wheel chocks in the bed.

As bikes grow more costly, no one in their right mind would simply toss their bike in the back of their vehicle, and the development of carbon handlebars signaled the end of the moto-style strap. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are developing devices to assist truck owners in transporting their cherished mountain bikes to and from the trailhead. The tailgate pad is the most cost-effective, simple-to-use, and widely used of these options.

Best truck tailgate bike pads are large foam-filled cushions that drape over a pickup’s tailgate. The front wheel and fork of your bike are outside the tailgate, sitting on the top tube. Many of these pads come with extra straps to keep bikes in place, and some even have bumpers to prevent bikes from colliding.

Tailgate pads are particularly helpful for those who transfer their bikes for gravity runs since locking your bike in a bike rack is considerably more difficult. Additionally, they address a current issue with many conventional bike racks. Many bike racks no longer firmly handle the newest generation of mountain bikes since wheels and tires have grown larger, frames have gone longer, and full stabilization has prompted dramatic modifications to top tubes. This makes a tailgate mat an even more appealing choice for individuals who own a pickup vehicle.

Best Tailgate Bike Pad Comparison Table





YAKIMA, Gatekeeper Tailgate Pad for Compact Truck Beds



Demon Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes with Tool Pocket for Mechanic Tools



Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Holds Up to 6 Bikes



MICTUNING Rear Tailgate Pad for Bike with Tool Pocket


PVC Cloth

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad Black, L/XL

Race Face

PVC Tarpaulin

Thule GateMate Pro Full Size, Black, Small



Dakine DLX Pickup Tailgate Pad Bike Rack (Black, Large)



Dakine Pick-Up Pad Black, L



Softride 26457 A Pickup Shuttle Pad Black



Now That I Know What Tailgates Are, Which One Should I Buy, What’s The Best Tailgate Bike Pad?

There are several options you can choose from as many manufacturers across the globe are now making tailgate pads for each type of pickup truck available among us. Each claims their product to be top-of-the-line & the best tailgate pad on the market. But choosing the best bike tailgate pad is completely your personal preference. We are listing down an array of products down here. Check out if you can find the correct tailgate pad for bikes for you.

1. YAKIMA – GateKeeper Tailgate Pad for Full-sized Truck Beds, Carries Up To 6 Bikes

The GateKeeper tailgate mat is ideal for transporting bikes in pick-up beds. The tough nylon shell tailgate covers your bicycle from the tailgate of your vehicle, while the soft felt backing protects your truck’s paint. Integrated SitTightTM bike cradles provide additional stability and protection for your bikes, while the HindSightTM curl cover allows you to see your backup camera, ensuring a worry-free ride to the top. Costs about $169 without a shipping charge.

best tailgate bike pad

About This Item

  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Brand: YAKIMA


  • Super lightweight. Weighs about 5 pounds only. Being light is always a plus in terms of carrying the product.
  • The equipped SitTight cradles with padding prevent bicycles from shifting and sliding.
  • The backup camera’s HindSight cover tucks out of the way so it can perform its job
  • On carbon bike frames and painted surfaces, the Velcro cradle closing method is simple to use.
  • The overall product is huge in dimensions. 62 inches long x 7 inches wide x 20 inches tall. So that it can cover as much area as possible.


  • Available in just a single-color option (black).
  • The dimension being too big shrinks down the usability of this product in too many models of trucks.

2. Demon Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes with Tool Pocket for Mechanic Tools/Tailgate Cover with Secure Bike Frame Straps

The Demon tailgate cover is designed with superior cushioning and support to provide high-quality protection for your vehicle and motorcycles while maintaining a minimalist appearance. The Demon tailgate pad is constructed of high-quality materials, including UV-resistant thread, to help it endure the elements in both summer and winter. Use this tailgate mat to transport your whole crew while safeguarding your bikes and vehicle, or take the family cycles to the local trails or even MOAB!

The tailgate cover is adjustable to suit most trucks. The Small (54 mm) dimension “wide) fits most short and mid pickup vehicles and can transport up to five bicycles. The Extra Large (62 oz.) “The tailgate cover is broad enough to accommodate most full-size vehicles and can hold up to seven bikes and goes neck to neck with the best tailgate bike pads in the market. Simply put the pad on the tailgate, connect the three straps that encircle the tailgate, and fasten the pad with the high-quality web cinch straps. Costs at about $99.99 to $109.99.

Demon Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes

About This Item

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Premium Quality
  • Strong and Durable
  • Water and UV Resistant
  • Brand: Demon


  • Minimal design with a thick foam padding (3/4″ foam padding along with a heavy-duty vinyl cover). This ensures that the bike frame doesn’t bump too much and gets harmed over time.
  • The material used on the fabric is UV resistant. This ensures the durability and longevity of the product.
  • The tailgate cover is sized to suit most trucks. The Small (54 mm) dimension “wide) fits most small and mid-sized pickup vehicles and can transport up to five bicycles. The Extra Large (62 oz.) “The tailgate cover is broad enough to accommodate most full-size vehicles and can hold up to seven bikes.
  • The closure system is hook and loop. It is undoubtedly the best and most secure closure system on earth.


  • Because of the thick foam padding and the heavy-duty material, the overall product is weighty.

3. Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Holds Up to 6 Bikes

The EVOC TAILGATE Mat is our pickup pad for transporting up to 6 bikes safely in your pickup truck. In one piece, it combines safe bike mounting and tailboard damage prevention. We applied a polyurethane coating to make it resistant to the weather that you’ll undoubtedly face when shredding. To prevent your toys from colliding, the redesigned Tailgate pad comes with molded foam separating blocks and straps. Costs at about $120 to $136.99.

Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Holds Up to 6 Bikes

About This Item

  • Comes with molded foam separating blocks and straps
  • Transport up to 6 bikes safely
  • Material: Silk
  • Brand: Evoc


  • The evoc Tailgate Pad features non-slip security that supports and protects up to 6 bikes, protecting them, including the truck’s tailgate from scrapes and scratches while biking transportation.
  • The M/L bicycle tailgate pad fits semi-truck tailgates with just an inner width of 52″ and a height of 19.7″. (outside). XL fits full-size truck tailgates that are at least 61.4″ wide on the inside and 22.8″ tall (outside).
  • Cut-resistant, water-resistant, and UV-stable tarpaulin outer and foam cushioning, whereas the smooth fleece lining on the vehicle side of the cushion won’t scratch the paintwork.


  • The fabric material is silk. Silk is not as durable as Nylon or any other synthetic materials out there.

4. MICTUNING Rear Tailgate Pad for Bike with Tool Pocket Bicycle Tailgate Protection Pad Universal for Mountain Bike Transport 6 Bikes

Today is a beautiful day! You want to go mountain biking with your family, but the distance between your house and the mountains is too great. Don’t worry, the MICTUNING Tailgate Pad will safely carry your bicycles, making excursions to the peak much simpler. Six concave slots can store and carry six bikes at once; just tighten the straps and you’re good to go.

Better protection with a durable outer layer of PVC that is both wear- and corrosion-resistant. The inside layer of soft flannelette protects the paint on your truck’s tailgate from scratches. Storage that is convenient. The pad has two pockets that may be used to hold tools or other items. The double closing design, which includes a zipper and a magic sticker, ensures that your storage goods do not slip out.

MICTUNING Rear Tailgate Pad for Bike

About This Item

  • Material: PVC Cloth
  • Mounting Type: Strap
  • Tailgate Handle Access Flap
  • Brand: MICTUNING


  • With the help of the concave slots, up to 6 bicycles can be strapped in place.
  • Well protected being made with PVC cloth. It’s also got an enlarged tool pocket.
  • The access flap in the middle of the tailgate cushion enables convenient access to the tailgate handle and view for the backup camera.


  • Tough to install.
  • You got to have small hands to feed the straps between the bed and tailgate to secure it.

5. Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad Black, L/XL

With the RaceFace T2 Tailgate Pad, you can bring the crew’s bikes along without harming them or your vehicle. This redesigned pad has a tight closure to prevent motorcycles from colliding on windy or rocky roads, as well as an adjustable rear-camera panel for optimum fitting on almost any vehicle. The best offering from the raceface tailgate pad lineup and easily one of the best tailgate bike pads.

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad Black

About This Item

  • Material: PVC tarpaulin, micro-brushed inner lining
  • Recommended to use for travel
  • Brand: RaceFace


  • Solid material used for fabric. PVC tarpaulin, micro-brushed inner lining.
  • The movable rear panel of the T2 is unique in that it enables quick adaption to any rear camera + handle arrangement.
  • Six modification bands along the top edge of the installed pad allow for a custom fit to your tailgate’s form, even if it’s sloped!
  • The T2 has higher fenders in the truck box that keep the chassis downtubes in position and secure when shuttling, reducing contact.
  • The T2 pad is designed to suit any tailgate form and has an adjustable back camera panel, both of which are RF unique, patent-pending features. With elevated bumpers and downtube straps, you can transport up to 6 bikes while avoiding bike-on-bike collisions.


  • The tailgate has a weird lip.
  • Paint comes off easily.

6. Thule GateMate Pro Full Size, Black, Small

The Thule Gatemate Pro 54″ is the perfect solution for carrying your bikes over the tailgate of your compact pickup truck.

Thule GateMate Pro Full Size, Black, Small

About This Item

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: Black
  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck
  • Brand: Thule


  • Flexible cushioning adapts to fit a variety of tailgates, and a big handle hole allows backup cameras to see inside.
  • With incorporated bike segregation and various position strap hooks, bikes stay put.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl cushioning and adjustable padding protect motorcycles and pickup trucks during transit.
  • Because of the inner facing mesh pockets, the gear may be safely kept even when driving.


  • The strap system fails at times.

7. Dakine DLX Pickup Tailgate Pad Bike Rack (Black, Large)

No bike rack matches the ease of a Dakine Pickup PadTM, whether it’s for a trailhead commute or gravity shuttle duty. The DLX pad is designed to accommodate contemporary tailgates that include backup cameras. The big variant, which includes tie-downs for up to seven bikes, works best on full-size tailgate designs. The compact fits into the tailgates of medium trucks and includes tie-downs for up to five bikes.

You can secure it to your vehicle using a built-in security grommet. The ends of the webbing straps have been strengthened for simple installation beneath the tailgate, and cam-action buckles have been added for fast removal. Probably the best offering from the dakine tailgate pad lineup.

Dakine DLX Pickup Tailgate Pad Bike Rack (Black, Large)

About This Item

  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Rear View Cameras
  • Brand: Dakine


  • Weighs super light. About 2 pounds.
  • Individual bike anchor straps (7- Large; 5- Small).
  • Four web cinch straps.


  • The spot of the cam doesn’t work across all models of trucks.

8. Dakine Pick-Up Pad Black, L

The Dakine Pickup Pad is the company’s initial mountain bike shuttling solution. It can carry up to 7 bikes in a big full-size vehicle and 5 bikes in a compact mid-size truck quickly and safely. A unique bike anchor strap is used to secure each bike. The fleece-lined, 34″ (20mm) thick dual-density foam between your vehicle and bike provides a safe, protective barrier, and the large hook/loop straps hold your bike in the truck.

Plus, due to the tailgate pad dakine handle flap, you’ll have complete tailgate capability. The best offering from the dakine pickup pad dlx lineup and easily one of the best tailgate bike pads.

Dakine Pick-Up Pad Black, L

About This Item

  • Material: Nylon
  • Carry up to 7 bikes in a big full-size vehicle
  • Three web cinch straps
  • Brand: Dakine


  • Material is 1000D Recycled Polyester with UV/weather-resistant coating. This is a military-grade material.
  • The tailgate protection is padded.
  • Half-sized pad doesn’t overlap the handles or rear-view cameras.
  • Supports all tailgate designs.
  • There are two web cinch straps.
  • Cable is lock compatible.


  • Not Found Yet!

9. Softride 26457 A Pickup Shuttle Pad Black 61″ Tailgate Bike Rack for Bikes, Surfboards or SUP

For fast transport, a tailgate cushion protects bikes and vehicles. This heavy-duty vinyl cover for passenger vehicles transforms the tailgate into a functional six-bike rack in no time. A pickup truck bed can hold up to six motorcycles. Extra protection is provided by rugged nylon straps and heavy-duty foam cushioning. Four Softwraps with a nylon daisy chain are included for fastening bikes to your tailgate mat. Without causing harm to the car, a padded cover can transport a load of timber and hold ladders and equipment.

Softride Shuttle Pad Black

About This Item

  • Material: Nylon
  • Carries up to six bikes in a pickup truck bed
  • Heavy-duty foam padding for extra protection
  • Brand: Softride


  • Compatible across almost all bike styles and holds 6 bikes at once.
  • Includes 6 soft wraps.
  • 4 security straps.


  • Scratches paint off.

Isn’t It Possible To Just Use A Blanket Or A Piece Of Foam?

Yes, theoretically, you can. Many mountain bikers build their own tailgate bike cushions out of old blankets or foam pieces, but I wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re just traveling a short distance to and from the trailhead (and even then, it’s dangerous!). Because homemade tailgate cushions aren’t as sturdy or cushioned as properly designed and produced ones, your bike or vehicle is at a far higher danger of being harmed.

How Do I Find The Correct Tailgate Pad For Myself?

Tailgate bike pads (also known as mountain bike tailgate pads) are used on pickup truck tailgates. The majority of them are thick, foam-filled pads. These pads are designed to fold over the tailgate. Many of them also have extra straps to keep bikes in place. A couple of them feature bumpers to prevent motorcycles from colliding.

In comparison to racks, I discovered that tailgate pads offer many benefits. Furthermore, if you ride with your family, you’ve probably observed that various kinds of bikes have varying frame sizes. In fact, contemporary versions have grown in size and length. On the other hand, tailgate pads are simpler to install on any vehicle. To assemble, no extra holes or screws are required. They’re ready to go as soon as you place them on your tailgate. Furthermore, they are less expensive alternatives. Overall, tailgate bike pads are a fantastic addition to pickup truck bike carriers.

There are two sizes of tailgate bike pads made by each brand. The smaller of the two sizes is designed for mid-sized vehicles with narrower tailgates. Small, 54′′ broad, or S/M, is a common designation. These mid-sized pickup trucks will accommodate the smaller bike pad. Some of the mainstream trucks of such sort are as follows:

  • GMC Canyon
  • Jeep Gladiator
  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Ford Ranger
  • Nissan Frontier
  • Isuzu D-Max

The big pad or the larger of the two sizes (designated as Large, 62′′ wide, or L/XL), is for full-size vehicles with broader tailgates:

  • Ford F-150
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • GMC Sierra
  • Dodge RAM 1500
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Nissan Titan

Any heavy-duty vehicle, such as the Ford Super Duty, Chevy Silverado HD, or Dodge RAM Heavy Duty, can fit the big tailgate pad.

How Do I Maintain My Tailgate Pad?

  • Make sure to wash it once in a while with the suggested detergent type. If the material is suggested to dry wash, please make sure to do it.
  • Make sure not to poke the surface with any sort of shrapnel. At times we see that the hooks or bolts from the bike frame poke and tears the pad.
  • If you want the color not to wash out or come off easily, make sure you don’t rub the paint surface hard or scrub it off.
  • Some of the best tailgate bike pad for jeep gladiator, ridgeline, ram 2500, Toyota Tacoma, tundra, ram 1500, f150,  are made of flammable materials. Please do keep in mind that any spark from your lighter can cause a fire outbreak.

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FAQs About Tailgate Bike Pad

Yes, it will get scratched with time, as it is meant to be used roughly.
It's not true because there are many value-for-money offerings.
We'd like to suggest amazon.
Otherwise, your bike might scratch your truck off.


Yes, these tailgate pads have a lot in common in terms of look and functionality. However, there are variations in terms of performance, design, and how well they function in real-world situations. This side-by-side comparison is designed to help you understand the differences and choose the finest tailgate pad for your requirements.

When you’re pounding out many laps on the local trails, tailgate pads are especially helpful for individuals who shuttle with their bikes, since it’s fast and simple to sling several bikes over the tailgate of a truck and this is a clear indication that you must look forward to buying the best tailgate bike pad.  They’re also great for getting about town, getting to and from the trailhead, and even longer excursions.

You can share your expectations and preferences with us about bike and bike accessories-related issues. We are promised to answer your queries and to solve your problems. Please let us know your view of bikestips.com. Good Day!

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