How To Turn a Bicycle Into a Trike: Step by Step Guideline

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Turning your bicycle into a tricycle may be done in a number of ways. Kids and riders with additional needs benefit greatly from traditional rear-wheel modifications. The 3-wheel adventure gains a sports edge with a front-wheel tricycle conversion kit. When transforming your tricked-out bicycle into a trike, you’ll need a basic understanding of bicycle components as well as a set of basic tools.

The following are several methods for converting your bicycle into a custom adult tricycle or a custom 3-wheel bicycle:

Much Needed Tools

Although welding expertise isn’t required for this project, a decent workstation with tools and equipment is required. A bandsaw, rotary drilling or Dremel, and a power drill are among the instruments you should have available. To understand “how to turn a bicycle into a trike,” you will require a few specialist bike tools, including a chain cutter and chain whip, as well as an Allen key set. Purchasing three well-worn bicycles is the simplest way, to begin with, the recycled bicycles that will be utilized to trike build your bicycle because you’ll need the rear corners to correspond for the back half of your tricycle and to ensure that at least two of the bicycles have almost the same frame dimensions.

bicycle to tricycle conversion kit

Transition to Rear-Wheel Drive

Step 1: Place the bicycle on a platform or use bricks beneath the frame to keep it stable. Pull out the back wheel as well as the chain.

Step 2: On a multispeed bicycle, detach the back derailleur and place it on the lowest bracket. Disconnect the caliper for the back side-pull brake or the disc brake calipers. Disconnect the rear brake hand handle and the braking cord. If you’re riding a single-speed bicycle or one with a coaster brake, you may leave this step.

Step 3: Go through the 3 wheel bicycle conversion kit’s guidance in detail from beginning to end. Arrange the elements, as well as the necessary nuts and bolts, in accordance with the processes. Please read over the list of necessary tools and place them near the bicycle.

Step 4: Assemble the rear axles and sprocket components according to the instructions. Install the axles in the dropouts created by removing the back wheel. At each drop, provide any hooks, lock screws, and spacer. Using the supplied nuts and the necessary metric instruments, tighten the connections.

Step 5: Fasten the back wheels to the tricycle axle by tightening the homemade bicycle trike axle bolts. In this case, not much emphasis is required to understand “how to make the tricycle axle.” Unplug the bicycle from the platform or the wood pieces from underneath the base, than impede the front tire.

Step 6: Here, you have to reconnect the back derailleur. Based on the accessory kit, it may be essential to either an upper or lower-swing chainring. Most adaptations keep the existing cord and shifter.

Step 7: Disconnect the bicycle chain’s main link. Attach the primary link and place the chains on the front and rear shafts. Install the chain shield according to the directions.

Transition to Front-Wheel Drive

Step 1: Place the bicycle on a rack or use bricks beneath the frames to keep it straight. Take out the front tire. Disconnect the front brakes hand handle and brake cord.

Step 2: When you begin, read the 3 wheel bike conversion kit directions. Arrange the components, as well as the necessary nuts and bolts, in accordance with the processes. I looked at the list of essential tools and placed them conveniently.

Step 3: Take away the prongs. Take out the caps screw, spacers, and washers from the steering gears and save them. Put the forks of a tricycle into the headgear. By using wedges, washers, and capping nuts that you preserved, finish the installation. As directed in the guidelines, attach the twin axle to the forks.

Step 4: Into dual axles, install the right and left tire plates and bearings. As indicated, attach the guiding arms to the forks. Bushings are standard on most connectors, which you may apply by yourself or have fitted at the factory. If required, go to the bushings installation guide.

Step 5: Install one of the internal wheel bearings supplied onto every spindle. The front tires should be placed on the spindles. For every rear wheel, attach an external bearing and a joint retainer. On every spindle, insert an axle nut and secure the nuts as directed. Hand-apply the bearing protective caps to every wheel hub.

Gearbox Removal

You must remove the rear derailleur if you have a sequential gearbox bike. Remove the rear brakes, as well as the brake wire and levers. These are time-consuming procedures that need patience. Check all of the nuts and bolts & remove them using the proper tools. Because each bicycle has a unique construction style, each model necessitates the use of a particular set of tools. If you have a single-speed bike, you may skip this step.

how to turn a bicycle into a trike

Rear Support Rods Removal

Remove all of the supporting rods from the rear of the bicycle each at a time.

Bicycle to Tricycle Conversion Kit Assembly

A mountain bike to trike conversion kit would include all homemade bicycle trike conversion kit instructions required to put it together. Take some time to go over the trike conversion kit for bicycle guidelines. Get to work after you’ve mastered the method. We suggest that you put all of the tools, nuts, and bolts in an organized method before beginning to assemble the kit. If you are unable to build the kit yourself, you may take it all to a bike technician and have it done for you.

Kit Mounting

All of the kits include a step-by-step tutorial for installing the modification on your bike so that you don’t need to convert cycling to steps. Install the axle in the same location as you removed the bike’s rear wheel. Assemble all of the brackets, lock washers, spacers, nuts, rods, and bolts in the order specified in the instruction manual. Using the proper tools, tighten the nuts and bolts.

Setting Up Brakes and Gears

If you have a multispeed bike, this is the time to install the brakes and gears. Most kits have pre-installed brake bushes, so all you need to do is connect the brake wires and secure the levers. If your package does not include brakes, you may purchase them separately.

Chain Set Up

Remove the master link to open up your chain. Install the chain on the tricycle conversion kit’s main axle and the sub-axle for the opposite wheel. By turning the pedals, you may test the chain’s operation. If both chains are in good operating order, both rear wheels will begin to move. Remember to check the brakes a few times right now. If everything is in order, lubricate the chain and give the pedals 5-10 full swings.

Check the Setup

When you have completed all of the preceding procedures, it is time to review your work. First, sit idle on your freshly converted trike bike for a few minutes to see whether it can handle your weight, then push the pedals a couple of times and verify the outcome, then use the brakes a couple of times. If everything works perfectly, you’ve successfully found the answer to “how to turn a bicycle into a trike” saved yourself several hundred bucks.

Visit a Cycle Mechanic

Take your new bike to a local bike shop and have it thoroughly inspected. If there are any flaws, the technician will correct them for a little cost. Return home and bask in your accomplishment.

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Final Thoughts

The practical implementation of the answer to “how to turn/convert a bicycle into a trike” requires some technical and time-consuming labor. We’ve led you through the steps; now it’s up to you to complete them. If you’re not familiar with bike mechanics, have a bike shop inspect the bike. Some modification kits may not come with a new brake. Purchase a front or back trike bike brake from a cycling shop or accessories store. Check the brakes prior to riding the bike to ensure they are in working order.

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