How to Remove Snap Ring in 5 Simple Steps!

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The shaft and bore housing of the vehicle suspension system are secured using a ring. If you drive a car, ride a bike, or perform your own home improvement tasks, you must have basic maintenance abilities. One of these maintenance jobs is learning how to remove snap ring.

There are different types of snap rings. Some snap rings may be difficult to remove for both rookie and professional mechanics, especially without equipment.

This page explains what a snap ring is, what it’s used for, and how to get rid of one. Because certain snap rings lack holes, removing them with ring pliers might be difficult. We’re thinking about it. We’ll also show you how to remove snap rings without pliers.

An Overview of a Snap Ring

A snap ring, also known as a C-clip, is a strong, thin metallic clip that serves as a retaining fastener on circular elements such as driveshafts and inner bore housing.

Snap rings, as opposed to nuts and bolts, prevent the pieces they’re holding from falling off since they snap into a circular groove. It is termed a snap ring because it snaps into a radial groove and prevents a component from falling off.

How to Remove Snap Ring

When the ring glides into the groove, a piece of its diameter is exposed to create a stopping edge. The projecting edge keeps the components on the shaft or within the housing. Because of this, it is known as a retaining ring. It’s more than important to know how to remove retaining ring.

How to Remove a Snap Ring?

Removing a snap ring might be tough or simple depending on your strategy and tools. Remember that a worker is only as good as his tools. This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove snap ring using pliers. Follow the steps exactly as written;

Step 1: Getting Access

The first step is to get to the snap ring. If you wish to remove a wheel hub snap ring, disassemble the hub assembly and expose the snap ring.

Step 2: Inserting A Snap Ring Tool

The snap ring holes should receive the tip of the snap ring removal tool. The majority of snap rings have two holes on either end.

Step 3: Snap Rings to Be Widen

Pull the arms of the snap rings with the retaining ring removal tool [preferably snap ring pliers]. After you open the removal tool, the snap ring will get broader. Place a flathead screwdriver on the ring’s wide section.

Continue to expand the ring by rotating the screwdriver to close components. If you wish to continue drilling holes, you may need a second screwdriver.

Step 4: Discharge The Rings

If you don’t have a screwdriver and the snap ring isn’t too tight, use the snap ring pliers.

Pull it gently off the housing once the snap rings have been extended and the shoulders are no longer in the groove.

Gently close the pliers to avoid the snap ring from ejecting and hurting someone. Gently close the ring until it falls off.

Step 5: Taking The Dirt Out of the Groove

Clean up and make the groove replacement-ready. Make sure the track is clear of rust and dirt to make installation easier.

How to Detach a Snap Ring Without Any Instrument?

As previously stated, snap rings are a type of fastener that holds components together and prevents them from falling off. Several devices make the removal process simple and safe. Other techniques will work if you don’t have these specific tools for removing snap rings.

Snap rings can only be placed and removed with snap ring pliers. It should be in your mechanic’s toolset if you install it regularly. If you only intend to use it once, it will be a waste of money. Other tools in your toolboxes will work just as well.

Make Use of Screwdrivers

Flathead screwdrivers are the most often used snap plier alternative. Most mechanics and do-it-yourselfers are like this. It does, however, pose a major risk. When you take the snap ring off, it may fly off and injure you.

Screw drivers may rip snap rings off with force, but tool manufacturers designed circlip removal tools to grab and remove snap rings without sending them flying.

Furthermore, you risk harming the snap ring or the bore housing from which it is being removed. Any component softer than a screwdriver will be harmed. The mechanism may fail before it should.

Screwdrivers may be used to install circlips as well as remove them. Simply put the ring in the shaft or bore housing groove and press it downward with a screwdriver.

Slow down to avoid scratching the metal you’re working on. Once again, the force applications allow the snap ring to break away and inflict injury. Despite the risks, flathead screwdrivers can be used to remove round wire snap rings.

Using Pliers

The designs of needle-nose pliers and snap ring pliers are comparable. They are often used in the same manner by mechanics and drivers to take out and put in snap rings. Strong nose pliers, such as internal snap ring pliers would work well on soft or less stressed circlips.

To remove exterior snap rings, place the nose pliers’ tip into the snap ring hole and pry it apart with both hands. The round shoulders will get broader as a result.

Keep in mind that the purpose of needle-nose pliers is distinct. They are designed for and used with snap rings, however, they are missing the points that allow for secure attachment and disengagement. Snap ring pliers’ tips are more durable than those of needle-nose pliers. This implies that removing circlips using needle-nose pliers might be harmful.

Utilizing Punches

Throwing a few punches is another possibility that occurs to me. This approach may require some practice, but it is successful. The procedures are as follows:

Before utilizing the punches from your toolboxes, make sure they fit the circlip’s holes. The points should be inserted into the circlip’s holes.

Insert a dowel rod between the punches to serve as a fulcrum point. Apply pressure to the upper part of the punches as if using chopsticks. Turn on the snap rings.

Is It Possible to Remove a Snap Ring Without Any Holes?

If you want to remove a snap ring without drilling a hole, use pliers with a tiny point. You should not experience any injuries when removing the ring.

Another option for removing a snap ring without holes is to use screwdrivers. For further information on using flathead screwdrivers, see the instructions above. Hopefully, now you know how to remove snap ring without holes.

Which Tool Are Best for Removing Snap Rings?

Circlip pliers, a one-of-a-kind pair of pliers, are required to utilize snap rings. Technicians use them to install and remove snap rings.

Snap ring pliers are distinguished from conventional pliers by the presence of a sharp tip for removing and restoring circlips.

Standard pliers can have flat or sharp edges, depending on the purpose. Circlip pliers, on the other hand, have pointed tips that are designed to fit into a snap ring’s grip hole. Because of this, they can now install and remove snap rings.


This article described a snap ring and provided directions about how to remove snap ring with and remove a snap ring without pliers and taught you a ton of snap ring removal tricks.

It has also provided snap ring player cheats. However, if you don’t have a snap ring plier, you shouldn’t be unable to remove snap rings. We’ve already gone through a handful of excellent snap ring removal methods. These options are handy but not as useful as circlip pliers.

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