Where to Put Bike Lock While Riding: 3 Effective Placements!

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Having a bike lock has never been more crucial because bike theft is on the rise. But while you’re out riding, where do you store your bike lock? Where should you store locks that are too big or awkward to install on your handlebars while riding? Most bike locks that you buy come with a mount. These mounts are specially designed to be portable. The best place for your bike lock while riding is on a bike lock mount.

Let’s be honest; bike locks aren’t that much of a hassle if you know how you carry your bike lock. For starters, a bike lock storage might also come in handy. If using a mount is not an option, why not leave your lock at your destination for bigger, bulkier locks? Otherwise, a backpack is a great place to store a bike lock when riding. To learn more about where to put bike lock while riding, keep reading.

Common Spots For Keeping The Bike Lock 

  • Bike Lock Mount – This is the ideal location to store your lock while cycling because it was explicitly made for lock transit.
  • Pannier/ Basket – Despite being bulkier than a bike lock mount, this is an excellent place to put your lock when riding.
  • Backpack – a convenient method for carrying your bike lock while riding
  • Destination – Why not leave your lock at the location where you lock up your bike every day rather than taking it with you?

Word Of Advice

It is always suggested to use a mountable bike lock. Whatever you do, avoid transporting your bike lock wrapped over the frame since this will inevitably result in damage to your bike.

Additionally, since riding usually requires your hands, you should never ride with your bike lock in your hand. So knowing where to put bike lock while riding is a must.

Types Of Bike Lock

  • D Locks/U Locks 
  • Folding Locks
  • Chain Locks

All of these bike locks may be kept in different locations while you’re riding. Other bike locks are available, cable locks being a good example, that might not fit into these categories.

Cable locks are inadequate for protecting your bike and are quickly cut with bolt cutters. Because of this, cable locks are never suggested. The three basic bike locks are listed, but where can you store them while riding?

Placement Of D Locks/U Locks Whilst Riding 

  1. The majority of D locks have mounts, allowing you to fasten them to your bike. Although not all D locks come with one, mounts are available separately. Mounts will keep your D lock out of the way and make it highly accessible for rapid lock-ups while pedalling. Even bigger D locks, such as the Trelock U6, can be mounted. Get a mount that fits your lock if you’re using a D lock and need a place to store it while cycling.
  1. If you know a D lock won’t obstruct your vision or be a bother, you can keep it on your handlebars.
  1. Your D lock should fit in this space if your bicycle has a pannier or basket. Panniers and baskets make it possible to transport many objects at once without having to wear a knapsack on your back. Almost any D lock ought to fit into a pannier bag or basket. This makes them excellent choices if you’re searching for somewhere to put your bike while cycling. If you’re worried about how to carry them, you can Google how to carry u lock on the bike.
Where to Put Bike Lock While Riding

Placement Of Folding Locks Whilst Riding 

  1. Your backpack might be an excellent location to store your folding bike lock if it didn’t come with a mounting device for mounting u lock on the bike while you’re cycling. Folding locks are lightweight and compact when folded, so they won’t weigh you down while also taking up little space within your suitcase.
  1. Your folding bike lock may be stored conveniently in a basket or a pannier bag on your bike. It might rattle around inside if it’s not fastened securely, which would make the journey less pleasurable. Having said that, carrying a folding bike lock in a backpack is less convenient than doing it in a basket or pannier bag!
  1. Everybody with a bicycle knows how to use u lock on bicycle. The majority of folding bike locks have a mount. The simplest and most practical location to store your folding lock when travelling is here. It’s wonderful that when it’s mounted, it doesn’t rattle or produce noise when you’re cycling. Also, if you’re thinking of using cable locks, use bike cable lock holders that are sturdy and secure.
Placement Of Folding Locks Whilst Riding

Placement Of Chain Locks Whilst Riding 

Chain locks are the largest form of a bike lock; thus, there are fewer places to store them while cycling because of their size. Chain locks can weigh up to 20 kg; thus, it is only worthwhile to attempt carrying the lighter chains.

  1. The majority of high-quality chain locks will be hefty. A high-quality Sold Secure Gold chain lock will probably weigh at least 6.6 lbs. (3 kg). You might be able to stow your chain lock in a backpack while cycling if you’re feeling really powerful. Chain locks will take up a lot of space in your bag, so this isn’t the most convenient alternative. It’s also not the comfiest.
  1. Some chain locks include a waistband that allows for wear. This is an excellent location to store your chain lock while cycling because it will be simple to lock up once you get to your destination.
  1. Keeping a powerful chain lock in a pannier or basket may be a good idea. However, it can also be hazardous if the chain is really heavy. It could be more challenging to manage your bike while riding if the chain was stored in a pannier bag on the left side of your bike. Similar to how putting your chain into a handlebar basket might make it difficult to control, especially if the weight is disproportionally distributed, smaller chains should be okay in your pannier bag or basket, but before cycling away, check sure they won’t interfere with the control of your bike. 
Placement Of Chain Locks Whilst Riding


Cycling requires constant access to a bike lock. If you know how to carry a bike lock, you can carry a lock with you whenever you go riding since you never know when you’ll need to lock your bike up and leave it. Knowing where to put u lock on your bike while riding will give you an added layer of security. To find the best bike lock store around you, simply Google “where to buy a bike lock near me,” and you will find the finest match for you.

The ideal locations to store your bike while riding has been addressed in the section above. Make sure to select the one that best suits you because some function better than others.

Get a bike lock right away if you don’t already have one! If you don’t secure your bike with a high-quality lock, it will be open to theft. Hopefully, now you know where to put bike lock while riding.

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